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Established in 1965 , Sladmore Contemporary at 32 Bruton Place, just off Berkeley square has been exhibiting contemporary and modern sculpture for over 50 years. We hold a program of regular one man exhibitions by our artists interspersed with interesting mixed shows.

We represent more than 20 contemporary sculptors , ceramicists and painters including Nic Fiddian Green, Mark Coreth,  Nick Bibby, Sophie Dickens, Roger Law, Rupert Merton, Kensuke Fujuyoshi and Rose Corcoran. The gallery carries a continuous exhibition of pieces from these artists as well as a selection of ancient sculpture from 300 BC, through 20th century modern masters, such as Elizabeth Frink, Marino Marini and Lynn Chadwick to the works of Rembrandt Bugatti , Edgar Degas and Auguste Rodin shown by our sister gallery in nearby Jermyn Street.

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