The Sladmore was established in 1965 in the same Bruton Place mews building where we stand today. At Sladmore Contemporary we represent a select stable of contemporary artists such as Nic Fiddian Green, Mark Coreth and Sophie Dickens, with a full one person and mixed exhibition schedule.

Sladmore Collect on the first floor shows a continuous selection of works by all our artists plus a wide range of collectable bronzes, ceramics, carvings and multimedia creations from across the world and across the ages. My personal obsession is with sculpture and objects, the power of  "making" and the joy found in a sense of the artist's hand. My partner Edward Horswell has run The Sladmore Gallery his whole working life, since he took over from his parents who created the gallery in 1965. He moved to our Jermyn Street premises in 2010 where he continues to show fine and important sculpture by 20th Century Masters such as Rembrandt Bugatti, Edgar Degas and Auguste Rodin; Artists in which he is an internationally acknowledged expert and authority. 

Please come and see us in the galleries, we have been described as by the Spectator magazine as "one of London's hidden delights, refreshingly friendly and unstuffy."

Gerry Farrell, Director

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Bronze casting

All our bronzes are produced in small limited editions. The artist creates the original model in clay or another malleable medium. This is then cast in bronze by a specialist foundry, normally using the lost wax (Cire Perdue) process, an enormously skilled and labour intensive process first used over 5000 years ago. Modern craftsmen founders have some technological advantages over those of yester-year, such as welding equipment, power tools and rubber moulds but the core process is basically unchanged.

Once the piece has been through the many complicated stages, from plaster mould, to rubber mould, to wax replica, to plaster mould it is then cast in bronze at temperatures of up to 700c. The raw bronze, which is an alloy of copper and tin, is then worked or "chased" by the foundry before the coloured patina is applied.

The finished bronze, signed and numbered by the artist will usually have taken 8 to 12 weeks to complete from start to finish, before final delivery to the gallery.

If you are interested in this fascinating process please ask the gallery for details of foundry open days.


Please check on availability and prices of any pieces you may be interested in by contacting the gallery.

We usually have some examples of work by all our artists in stock in the gallery, but if the next piece from an edition has to be ordered it will only take approximately 8 to 12 weeks to be cast. All bronzes are signed and numbered and can be provided with a certificate of authenticity and valuation for insurance purposes.

Shipping and Installation

Delivery in the UK is free of charge. Shipping outside the UK can be quoted for on request. We work with the most experienced and specialist couriers and shippers to get your sculpture to its destination quickly and safely.

We are experienced at shipping and installing outdoor sculpture, from the very large to the enormous. We can site visit to advise on placement prior to delivery and can organise trouble free installation when the piece is finished.