Born in 1959 in Kenya, Anthony grew up on a coffee farm near Nairobi and lived around Malindi on the beautiful north coast of Kenya.

His main workshop is now in the Teign Valley near Dartmoor in Devon, and he also works in an old cowshed in Oxfordshire. Anthony has now been carving in stone for over twenty years.

Anthony travelled widely through many of the countries where ancient civilizations used stone for building and sculpture, including Greece, Egypt, Peru, India and Britain where he examined Celtic megalithic culture.

He learnt the many different stages of stonecarving while assistant to the master sculptor Peter Randall-Page between 1990 and 1994, including moving heavy precious objects and how to enlarge from a model. 

His work ranges from large stone seating to small figurative carvings, bronzes and graphite drawings. He works from sketchbook drawings, moquettes in wax, and by direct carving.