Myung in studioRED.jpg

A striking curtain of ‘Eyes’ suggests organic forms that we think we recognize.  Each one different, reminiscent of flowers and sea urchins, some, the Golden Eye series, refecting ourselves back from their centres.  The textures are not reminiscent of eyes.  Myung Nam An is a fan of Alexander McQueen, encasing her circular forms in extravagant and impossible costumes.  Why eyes?  Because they are all intensely personal, unique to the individual, in the words of the artist “incredibly intricate, detailed, beautiful, bright, colourful, exciting, funky.”  The wall–mounted multiples are inspired by Dali’s surrealist curtain in Hitchcock’s Spellbound, but without the creepy shock factor.  Some have ‘eyelashes’, soft and tactile to look at, yet all made of intricately formed ceramic.  You want to touch her sculptures, to collect them and arrange them.