Nic Fiddian-Green

Nic Fiddian-Green (born 1963) is a British sculptor, who specialises is making lifelike models of horses heads, both smaller and larger than life-sized.

It is not enough to say that Nic Fiddian Green is Britain’s most accomplished and innovative equestrian sculptor. His huge bronze horse’s head at Hyde Park Corner has literally elevated equestrian art to a new level. The various renditions of Horse at Water express what Nic describes as “just the simple idea of the beauty of a horse”.  Except that it is not simple. These heads have a sentient, alert quality, as if they know we’re watching them. They radiate the sense of a pause just before movement, which is not surprising: these heads seem almost to pour onto their plinths, or to be balletically au point . And yet they also radiate an aura of calm; anybody who has encountered the monumental “Still Water “ at Hyde Park Corner has experienced something very like TS Eliot’s “still point in a turning world.”


This Summer , as well as continuing to have a selection of pieces at the gallery in Bruton place we will be showing many of his impressive monumental outdoor works in the fields and hills around his Surrey home and studio.There will be open days and studio evenings announced nearer the time. We will also be publishing new books on different aspects of his work over the coming months, all details will be posted on this site. Major monumental works have been installed this year in Russia, America, the Middle East, Australia and works are in progress to go to many other destinations.