Rupert began his artistic journey making ceramics, first at school, then as an apprentice at Tingewick Pottery near Buckingham before studying for an MA in Art History at Cambridge. After university he set up a music recording and publishing business and spent the next 15 years working with musicians such as The Thompson Twins, Television and Underworld. Finding clay more malleable, he returned to ceramics and an art school degree course in ceramic design at South Thames college. He now works mainly in stoneware and porcelain, which is fired in an electric kiln. “I make some domestic ware and larger, more sculptural pieces. His installations occupy “a space in my mind somewhere between painting and music – they reference the urge to collect and explore rhythm, repetition and colour.”  The component forms are both different and the same – the simplified bottle shape forming the basis for his vibrant and popular Pothecary series.

  "Nearly all our knowledge of prehistoric civilizations comes from the indestructible nature of pottery remains. If people still exist in 2000 years time I love the idea they may come across fragments of my work and wonder what on earth it was about. No other art or craft is likely to survive to tell such a story "